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This workshop is for anyone who is interested in bringing words to life through the art of lettering. Although we’ll be using the iPad and Apple Pencil as our main set of tools in this course, the same lessons and principles that you’ll learn can be applied to analog mediums. Over the course of four weeks (Thursdays from May 25 through June 15), we’ll walk through the foundational skills that will enable you to create unique lettering pieces that can be applied to both personal and professional projects. 

We will begin by laying a conceptual foundation for lettering approaches and type anatomy while learning the technical side of working in Procreate. The second half of the workshop will build on that foundation through sketching and iterating on dynamic compositions and using a variety of techniques to create finished, polished lettering pieces that you’ll be proud to share. So whether you're new to lettering, Procreate, or both, you are welcome to join us on this four-week journey!