Make Icons Editable, Animated, and Colorful with Font Technologies

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With the latest developments in variable and color fonts, typography and iconography are becoming enriched! Join us for a talk with Wenting Zhang, co-founder and CEO of Typogram, who will share new ways to utilize variable font and color font technology for icons — to make icons customizable, animate-able, colorful, and recolor-able:


Variable font tech can be seen as a bezier curve editing capability. With that, icons can enjoy controlled editing capacity without exposing the hard-to-manipulate bezier curves and control points.


The variable font axis can be seen as an animation timeline. With that, icons as glyphs can go through a series of transformations and appear animated.

Colorful and Recolor-able

Arguably color font technology is better suited for icon font than for text. Icon font used to be quite limited for the lack of support for popular dual-tone icons, which is being changed with color fonts. Not only can icon fonts be colorful, but it also brings an easy way to recolor them to fit the brand.