Letter Love: 40 Postcards from the Collection of Letterform Archive

Letterform Archive

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Letterform Archive
Publication date:
September 2024
9¼ ⨉ 4¼ inches
Four colors throughout; tear-out postcards are printed in two colors with metallic ink
Perfect bound softcover

Expected release date is 15th Aug 2024

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Share the art of the alphabet with 40 unique pull-out postcards featuring favorites by designers including Saul Bass, Seymour Chwast, Hansje van Halem, and Takenobu Igarashi

With a complete alphabet of scene-stealing letters sourced from Letterform Archive’s vast and varied collection, plus ten numerals and four punctuation marks, Letter Love celebrates the many ways letterforms can surprise and enchant. Printed with metallic ink and presented in a unique perforated booklet, the postcards tear off to reveal an illustrated catalog that shares reproductions and details about the art. Both delightful and practical, Letter Love makes an ideal gift for design and lettering enthusiasts.

Artists and designers include: Vincent de Boer, Armin Haab, Peter Malutzki, Hans Donner, Sylvia Trenker, Louis John Pouchée, Julien Priez, Angel de Cora, Tauba Auerbach, Maurice Dufrène, Tezzo Suzuki, Kuwayama Yasaburo, Milton Glaser, Paul Rand, Tom Carnase, James Edmondson, Ross F. George, Roger Excoffon.