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Artistry in Motion: Learn Calligraphic Flourishing

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Calligraphic flourishing is the art of embellishing writing—the accessories to calligraphy's outfit. This class covers pointed pen flourishing from the 17th century to present. Students will learn modern flourishing design rules, use them to analyze historic examples, and create flourished words inspired by the masters of the past. Beyond decorating your writing, learning to flourish will improve your pen control, increase the fluidity of your writing, and encourage your creativity through experimentation. Some knowledge of the pointed pen is helpful, but not mandatory.Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

  • Pen control & Fluidity.
  • Warm-ups and exercises that encourage experimentation and creativity.
  • The importance of developing a regular practice.
  • Rules of flourishing based in design principles.
  • The rules and language to describe and compare flourishes.
  • Understanding flourishing beyond just copying.
  • Learn historical flourishing styles, from the 17th century Dutch masters, 18th century English writing masters, and the 19th century American penman.
  • Learn to analyze and break down complicated samples into more manageable & understandable pieces
  • Acquire resources for further learning, such as online tutorials or books on advanced techniques.

Required Materials

  • Pencil
  • Good eraser
  • Color Pencils
  • Tracing Paper
  • Artist's tape

Optional Materials

  • Your favorite pointed Nibs: for example - Nikko G, Hunt 101, Leonardt Principal
  • Oblique pen holder with metal flange
  • Straight holder
  • Your favorite flowing ink: for example - Walnut ink, Higgins Eternal, Sumi
  • Marker Layout Paper (9"x12")
  • Cup for dirty ink water
  • Container for ink (small jar with mouth at least 1.5 inches, or dinky dip)
  • Cotton rag (or paper towels)